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About SiteLOCUS

What is SiteLOCUS?
SiteLOCUS is a social directory of websites added by and voted on by it's users. It helps you find the best sites without having to filter through thousands of results from a search engine.

It allows users like you to add websites they like and it ranks them based on how many favorites have been added for each of those websites. This allows users to find the best websites out there rated by their peers, not by an editor. The users even get to pick the titles, descriptions, and tags/keywords for these sites. They have near total control. Users can also post comments about sites, view other user's list of favorites and also keep track of their own list of favorites and share it with others.

Each site has some tags/keywords associated with it. We use those keywords to categorize everything and make it easy to find what you are looking for. You can find the top tags list on the left side of most pages.

It's our hope that SiteLOCUS helps you find new an great websites that you didn't know about before.

Why Join?
A SiteLOCUS account will allow you to add your own favorite sites and create your own favorites list. Your choices for the best sites will count along with everyone else's. You'll also be able to leave comments about sites and help choose the titles, descriptions, and tags for them. Help us find the best!

With a SiteLOCUS account you will be able to:
  • Create, manage, and share your own favorites list.
  • Add sites that aren't currently on SiteLOCUS.
  • Post comments about sites.
  • Vote on site titles, descriptions, tags, and content.

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